Homer Simpson

Where Do I Sign?

<center>Are those goodies for me?

Are those goodies for me?

Generally, I don’t complain about donuts. But we recently had a delivery in the school office that just got me in a mood to complain (after I had a donut first, of course). Apparently the Washington National Guard is so flush with cash it can afford to spend money on glossy graphics and donut boxes (maybe its good for other things too). Since when are donuts a recruiting tool? I mean, unless you are Homer Simpson, I am pretty sure you aren’t going to be convinced to sign on the dotted line just because someone brought donuts. I can only imagine the conversation:

Recruiter: How are you today? Would you like a donut? Do you want to talk about the possibilities the Washington National Guard could provide for you?

Potential Recruit: Donuts? Really?

R: Go ahead and have one. What kind do you like?

PR: Well, the one with colored sprinkles looks pretty good!

R: There you go. So, do you like adventure and helping people?

PR: Yeah, that’s cool. This is a good donut! Do people get to shoot guns and maybe get shot at too?

R: Sure, there is a possibility that could happen.

PR: Will there be more donuts?

R: I don’t know, but I am sure we can make that happen.

PR: Where do I sign?

There HAS TO BE better things to spend money on rather than specially made donut boxes. I just have to believe that this isn’t something they normally spend money on because if it is, I have to wonder how recruiting is going these days. It can’t be good, that is for sure.

Please, if you are going to join the armed forces (no matter what branch), don’t join because of donuts and a fancy graphic donut box. Otherwise, you might just be a Homer.