Life at times requires a helmet, silly or not.

Makin’ my way in the world today, takes everything I got…

Current Employment

(To be completed later)

Past Employment

I am a full-time teacher. I spend most days with juniors (college prep) and seniors (college prep) as I teach mostly history, U.S. History(11) and Contemporary Issues(12). Most of the kids have a positive outlook and they are some of the best kids I have taught so far.

As a teacher I am attempting to shape, challenge, and grow young minds in their teenage years. I would like to believe I am helping them become responsible citizens and think for themselves, but I find that this can be difficult considering the background of some of the students, but also this can’t solely be my job . . . parents need to help out with this too! Working with teenagers has been compared to “herding cats,” only I believe cats are easier to deal with at times. My sense of humor keeps me going in this job, so often I find myself laughing at things kids say in class when they don’t realize someone is listening.

A Personal Life

I try to stay active, but that has gotten more difficult as the years have passed. There is so much to do, responsibilities and commitments seem to eat up all my time. Plus, age is starting to slow me down. However, if and when I have time, I love the outdoors (camping, hiking, backpacking). I also love to play sports – mostly volleyball, softball, golf, and soccer. I sometimes like to think of myself as a photographer, although I have never really had any training in it and my equipment is about as basic as it gets. I like pictures for myself (careful reading, didn’t say of myself!).

I found and married the most amazing, Christian women a while back. She is very giving and extremely patient with me…reminding me each day how to love, listen, and enjoy each moment of life as it happens. I now have six (yes, 6) kids and five grandchildren. They all make me smile in their own ways!

522624_2892732407890_185091643_nLife has been good, though challenging at times. I learn from my mistakes (even though I may repeat them once in a while) and try to rely on my God and Savior for my faith that all will work out according to His plan. I am blessed.


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