Superstitious View

I visited Arizona a couple years ago, again, and we were near the Superstition Mountains. These mountains brought back fond memories of a college backpacking trip during Spring break of ’94. Anyway, here are a couple of pictures I took and edited on my iPhone. Enjoy!!



Do you have a favorite mountain or mountains? Do you visit them often or just admire them in a photo?

It’s time to go hiking again, I think. The weather is almost there…


  1. I have a photograph of me in a cavern in Oman which I like to look at because climbing inside was arduous but I did it in 2011. I also took a chance by continuing my trip over the Christmas break as my friend stayed in the UAE, so I went alone. My husband encouraged me to go alone from his roost in the United States. On my level, it was a mountain or a cavern well done regarding so many levels. It was the AL Hoota Cave. I keep a picture on my wall. Thanks for sharing your summit.

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