I’ll add that to my list

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Confession time: I am a list maker.

OK, not that I really need to confess that but what I have found is that I am perpetually making lists and sometimes I find that I am being held captive by my lists. Like, I look at a list and all I want to do is run away from it because it is overwhelming and though I have the list, I am not sure where I want to start.

I make lists at home.

I make lists at work.

I make lists on my phone. I make lists on little pieces of paper. I make lists in notebooks. I make lists in my head. I make lists on my computer. Grocery lists. Ideas to write about lists. Movies I want to see lists. Books I want to read lists. Places I want to go lists. Things I don’t really want to do but really should do lists. Things that need to get done ASAP and things that don’t need to get done ASAP.

I make lists.

Now, I might need to confess if I never really got anything done on my lists. I guess the real problem is the lists actually never end or go away. I get things done, but then add more things to the list – by creating a new list.

Example: I made of list of six things I wanted to get done over the weekend. I only get three of them done. So, I’ll add those three things to the list of things I want to get done next weekend. And the list goes on and on and on…it just grows!

Damn. I just realized as I was writing this blog that I have now created a list of my lists.

I am without a doubt – neurotic.

OK, I’ll just add that to my list of things that I am, and remove it from the list of things that I am not.


So, how do you get through life? Are you a list maker? Do you feel overwhelmed by your lists or do you get freedom by making lists? 

Tell me what you do in the comments below.


  1. I have a dry-erase board in the kitchen. It’s where to-do list items go to die. One has been there so long I’d probably never be able to erase it if I ever did finish it. On the other hand, my paper lists go into the shredder after more than a few days of inactivity.

  2. Yes to lists. I follow my husband’s creed: try to get done 3 things a day. Check them off your invisible list or visible list and this makes you feel good and productive. For example: I will take a mile walk, make a keto dinner, and grade 10 research papers for tomorrow. They can be big things or little including sweep the porch, download an ebook from the library, or do something special for my husband.

    1. I wasn’t saying lists are bad. I was just making the comment that the lists get overwhelming since they never seem to end.

      The “3 things done” mantra is a good one. It can help you feel productive, but do you find that it also helps you put off the harder things on the list (or the things that will take longer)?

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