Loss of voice

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I am not talking about my voice in the physical sense, though some would probably like it if I actually did but that is a discussion for a different day.

I am talking about “the voice” in my writing.

I have struggled over the last several months to find something to post about. Over that time, I have recycled writing I did in the past but that I thought was worth visiting again. It seems I have just tried to keep the blog afloat on topics that were on my on my radar at the time it was written. I have started and deleted so many posts, mostly based on current events and my take on them.

When I was teaching I was having conversations about these things on a daily basis with my students and the conversations were worth rehashing in another forum, collecting my thoughts from the conversations and things students were thinking and then writing about that. It worked for me because it was something thrived on.

Now, well, those conversations just aren’t happening and I feel like the lack of conversation has finally caught up with me. I have lost my voice. It isn’t that I don’t have things to say, I just don’t have the ability to express them in a way that I have in the past and it is confounding me.

Or, maybe I am just overthinking it and caring too much about what I put out there. I have always struggled with a balance between putting content out there and putting content out that is researched and supported. Sure, I can write opinions all day long but as I always used to tell my students, “No one will care about your opinion unless you can back it up.” Therein lies the challenge for me, just write or write well?

So, I feel like my voice is bottled up. I want to express myself but to what end? Is it just to hear myself or is it to be listened to?

Anyone else dealing with this? Or dealt with it? How do/did you deal with it?

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    1. Sorry I accidentally hit send… I wasn’t done writing what I meant to share. You seem to be well versed in expressing yourself and your thoughts, no comparison. I’ve only begun to follow your blog and I’m already I’m leaving a comment here. I’d like to say to “hear yourself”. I’ve reluctantly started blogging since 2016. More than being listened to I am learning to so much about myself, especially my frailty and my strength. That somehow is building me. I feel often we want to be heard by others that we never really spend time hearing what is spoken from within us through us (I somehow hope that made sense >_<). Please keep expressing yourself through the gift of writing (blogging). You have helped me through this post to keep at it and go on blogging (cross my heart). Can't wait to read more from you.

      1. Oh, thank you! It does make sense. I appreciate that you write for you. I forget that that is supposed to be what this is. Writing is for me, but with a blog it offers a window into our thinking for others. I need to remember that it isn’t for them. You are awesome!

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