Accountability of Weight: Update #7

This is the seventh update. Now, just over six months ago, I started a year-long project of returning my physical self to a much lighter, and healthier, version of the past.

I’ll try to keep it short so as to not bore you with lots of details and try to just cover some of the lowlights and highlights, cutting to the chase at the end.


Excuses. Not gaining, but not losing. I need to do better and stop rationalizing my eating.


I decided to invest in a used elliptical trainer. I picked it up and reassembled it after having to disassemble it to get it into my car. It is now in the garage and I have used it about two weeks, at 15-20 minutes at a time. Boy, am I outta shape! I do have some repairs to do on it. The electrical cord was damaged in the move and the electronics have stopped working. So, repairs are in order and I am gonna have to find some parts. Hopefully I can make that happen this next weekend.

The Chase:

210.0  = official starting weight 2/15/18

    7.4  = pounds lost as of the morning of 8/13

202.6  = current weight

Your thoughts, encouragement, and good juju as the journey continues is much appreciated! Slow, or lack of progress doesn’t feel good and so some extra motivation is helpful. If you have ANY words of wisdom, it would be much appreciated at this point.

It may be an uphill climb most days, but the view at the top is usually worth it!


    1. Thanks, Curt. I have to say, that picture of the hot dog you just posted looked really darn good! (I was gonna leave a comment on your blog, but the ability to do so is turned off).

      1. Thanks for letting me know! I have comment moderation turned on, but the post should be accepting comments. I’ll have a look.

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