Accountability of Weight: Update #6

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This is the sixth update. The mid point. Half way. The in-between. Half full, half empty. Six months ago I started a year-long project of returning my physical self to a much lighter, and healthier, version of the past.

I’ll try to keep it short so as to not bore you with lots of details and try to just cover some of the lowlights and highlights, cutting to the chase at the end.


Well, folks, I am in about the same place I was last month. I did, for a short time, lose an additional two pounds but I have gone back to where I was the month before. At least I can say I am consistent, right? Yeah, not exactly the kind of consistent I wanna be.


I have now done a week of pushups. 25 a day for 7 days. I should be doing 50 every day by the end of the month.

I have also decided to invest in a used elliptical trainer. I used to use one in the past when I was really getting things under control. That was about 10 years ago and at the time I was only about 8 pounds from my goal weight. A lot has changed in the last 10 years but I do know I can be successful using that tool so I am going to give it a shot again. I have seen some nice used ones on one of the sales apps, so I don’t think I will have to invest too much to make it happen. Once installed in the garage, it will be easier to have access on a regular basis.

The Chase:

210.0  = official starting weight 2/15/18

    6.2  = pounds lost as of the morning of 8/13

203.8  = current weight

Your thoughts, encouragement, and good juju as the journey continues is much appreciated! Slow, or lack of progress doesn’t feel good and so some extra motivation is helpful. If you have ANY words of wisdom, it would be much appreciated at this point…and if you are wanting to make a change too, perhaps a friendly challenge would be a good motivator.

It may be an uphill climb most days, but the view at the top is usually worth it!


  1. Straight talk? 1lb per month weight loss is no weight loss at all. Although sometimes the scale is deceiving because if youre adding muscle, muscle weighs more than fat; therefore, the true measure is not always found on the scale. Alas, that being said, a true weight loss program, faithfully executed, should have you losing–quite safely and without starvation–between 1 and 2lbs PER WEEK! Weight loss, exercise notwithstanding, is simple mathematics. Example: Lets use 2,000 cals per day as an ex amount for MAINTENANCE. Therefore, 2,000 x 7 days = 14,000 calories wkly. Using generally acceptable industry knowledge to lose 1lb of fat PER WEEK, you must burn apprx 3,500 cals. Or, if 14,000 cals is your MAINTENANCE cals per week, you must either a–>burn 3,500 cals through MEASURABLE exercise or b–>eat 3,500 less per week (14,000 – 3,500 = 10,500 cals ). Unless you are carefully logging cals in and cals out, you will not achieve 1.5–2lb loss weekly. I lost 95 lbs religiously logging food in LOSEIT, a phenomenal app that kept me honest. It alliws you to set a weight goal and tells you how many cals per day needed ylto achieve that goal given the date you input for achieving the goal. You can also log exercise and it will calculate calories burned. So, if i had a daily cal of 2,500, and I burned 500 running that day, I was in a DEFICIT of 500 for the day. If i went over the next day 300 cals, I was still ahead 200 cals. You follow? So workouts were CREDITS. My off days were tough cause i earned no credits. Finally, the most effective technique for fat burning is not mindless running or biking, etc. Otherwise known as steady state cardio. You must do short bursts of speed mingled with walking then running, etc. You force your body to access fat for energy while keeping your body from ADAPTING because it doesnt know whats coming next. Same can be done with SLOPE or RESISTENCE. Compare the sprinter body to a long distance body. There you have it. Oh, all calories are not created equal either. Dump the dressings, spices, fats. Eat lots of protein skimp on fat and carbs are death. Eat lean 6 days and have 1 cheat day where you eat whatever you want. If you do this for 6 months you will definatelly lose a MINIMUM of 24-30 lbs. I know, its a lot. Best of luck to you. I worked out no less than 5 days per week. Sometimes every other sometimes 3 on 1 off 2 on 1 off. KEEP YOUR BODY GUESSING. And drink water like its running off the planet.

    1. Thanks for stopping in and giving me some feedback. I really appreciate it. I have and still use the LoseIt app. Back when I was ten years younger I was really hitting it hard and nearly got to my goal weight. So, I know it helps the process. Here’s the thing, knowing and doing are two different things. Am I right? LOL I guess it really comes down to motivation and the longer it takes the more motivated I become. Call me old, but it just doesn’t happen like it used to. But, like I said from the beginning, this a a journey and I don’t intend to give up.

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