Desperately seeking direction, or not


Ever feel that way? Sometimes definitely maybe almost always?

So, it seems I have come to a crossroads and I am looking for some genuine feedback.

I haven’t had much of a “focus” on the blog and as a result, I think, growth has been slow. I haven’t been able to find a correlation between the posts that do well or and those that do not. One thing that hasn’t made sense to me is the writing I think is good and actually addresses something of substance, doesn’t seem to get a lot of interest; but, the posts that don’t really address anything of a serious nature seems to score higher with views and likes…which is perplexing.

So I am going to make an appeal, to you the readers (if you really exist), what do you want to see more of or less of? What direction do you think I should go? Should I find a place of focus, a niche, if you will? Or, should I keep doing what I have been doing?

This may take some work on your part, but I think it’s the only way to get a good picture of what you like/dislike (unless you have a fabulous memory). So, if you are so inclined, please take a gander at past posts and give me some feedback. I’d even be willing to do the same for you if you find yourself in a similar funk.


  1. Building your social media empire! Quite impressive. As I toured around your site, I figured that your posts where you teach and add value to your readers caught more attention. Teaching is your expertise, aint it? All your posts are really good to be honest. I like your hunger and determination to get what you want and to help people get what they want. If you focus on that, maybe just maybe, the empire will be built on solid foundation. I have a strong feeling you’ll make it big. All the best!

    1. Thank you so very much for taking a look around and giving me some feedback. I really appreciate it!

      There are lots of things I do like to write about. I suppose that is why I have a hard time focusing. I taught for 15 years so there was a lot from that former life. I am no longer teacher as I have moved from the classroom and into a different avenue of public education. But, I will continue to draw on my past experience!

      1. You’re welcome. Your blog is full of energy and life, which was enough reason for me to stop by. Mine was entirely focused on Psychothriller fiction short stories but I also write poems and non-fiction from time to time, that’s why I understand the drive to write about everything. But yea, find the main one. I love teachers. You guys are the most selfless people on the planet! Keep on rockin’!

      2. I stopped by your site and I saw some titles I will need to go back to and read, just didn’t have time right now. But I will for sure!

        Thanks for the feedback. You’re awesome!

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