Rock the Vote (at least three times!)

Yesterday in class one of my seniors announced that she voted in the school levy election of our community.

I was like, “YES! Way to go.” It made me happy that she exercised her right to vote and that she also had been listening to me all year while I have encouraged the seniors to vote when they had the chance. I have even used class time to allow them to register to vote online because I think it is that important. But then, she explained what happened…

She said that her dad sat her down and told her to open the ballot. He then proceeded to instruct her on how to fill it out, like exactly which answers to fill in.

My students said the comment from her mother was, “As long as you live in this house, you will fill out your ballot just like your dad.”

I was, admittedly, speechless at first. I protested and said she should have filled it out herself. But then, what could she really do? She was stuck in a hard place. I haven’t ever heard of a parent doing that before. I hope there aren’t more out there like that.

Hopefully, she gets a voice (of her own) in the next election.

Anyone out there expect their children, wife, or other family members to vote the way they do? If so, why?


  1. The incident you describe is the flaw for balloting by mail. There are safeguards in the public polling process to prevent “dictating a person’s vote”. You are allowed carry notes (perhaps dictated to you by a controlling person) into the poll booth, but no one can view how you actually voted.

    1. Yes, Frank, that is one problem. I suppose there is a trade off. Participation was getting lower and lower with having to go to the polling place, so the increase in participation with the mail-in ballots is good. However, taking someone’s voice is bad either way.

    1. Steve, I have a feeling, given all the people on the planet, this sort of thing happens more than we would like to think. Human nature taking over again – the need to control everyone and anything in our environment.

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