I Want Jeff Probst’s Job!



Watch out, Jeff, I’m coming for you!

I’ll admit it. I am a Survivor fan, and I have been one since the very first season. In all the seasons it has been on, I have seen all the episodes, save three. I think the game is entertaining, it is “real” (as much as a contrived reality show can be), and I think it makes for great social commentary. But, really, when the show is on all I can really think about is what Jeff is doing.

I mean, really, can anyone have a better job that this guy?

  1. He gets to visit exotic and cool places all over the world.
  2. He gets to travel on a vast array of vehicles and in different modes of transportation.
  3. He can get a tan.
  4. He get a really cool wardrobe of outdoor clothing.
  5. He spends his time lounging around “resort like” settings when he isn’t hosting challenges or getting people voted out of the tribe.
  6. He get so wear SHORTS as much as he wants! (that has to be one of the greatest bonuses ever!)
  7. He gets to interview and stir up problems between contestants.
  8. He eats well while on location.
  9. He sleeps well while on location because he has all the comforts of home while the contestants suffer.
  10. He gets sand, sun, surf, and beer (I am sure).

I’m just guessing here. I don’t know what his job really entails but I can imagine and I imagine that I would like it.

So, Jeff, if you ever need a replacement and you happen to run across this blog post, I am available. Yes, I already have a job but I could give it up if you called! I’ll be waiting by the phone…CALL ME!


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